What happens in a past life regression session?


On your first initial session, we will discuss your reasons for wanting to expereince your past lives, this way I can establish any themes that may be important to you during your regression sessions. You will then be taken into a brief practice relaxation, to get you familiar with the process of hypnosis so you will know what to expect when we begin to explore your past lives. You will then be taken into a longer hypnosis, where we can begin to explore your past lives and when this is finished, we can discuss your journey, it's revalations, and it's links to this life. 



What does it feel like?


Many people expect hypnosis to be some “weird spooky” process by which they are totally unaware of what is going on, and can be made to do things against their will. This has come from the popular image of stage hypnosis seen on TV, where people are made to cluck like chickens at the mention of a word or to forget there own names, while the audience laugh at the poor persons lack of control.  This is not at all what regression therapy is like, and at no point are you not in control of the situation.


You are fully aware, will remember everything once you open your eyes, and can come out of hypnosis at any time. It is simply a gentle process that uses a combination of relaxation, imagination and suggestion in order to bypass the concious part of the mind, and access the subconscious mind where all past life memories are held. All of us enter a light state of hypnosis every day of our lives, we can be so absorbed in something such as a movie or book that we dont notice someone entering the room or talking to us. This is usually follwed by them saying "Hey! I was talking to you, where were you?" and our response is usually "I was miles away". Have you ever driven a familiar journey only to realise at the end you had no recollection of the three sets of traffic lights you went through, or if they were on red or green? This is light hypnosis and we all do it.


All of my clients have found the experience of hypnosis deeply relaxing and cathartic, leaving them feeling calm and peaceful. That said, almost all of them have said it was not what they were expecting it to be based on what they thought hypnosis was, so it's best to come to it with an open mind and no fixed expectations. 



How many sessions will I need?


This is entirely down to how many lives you wish to access to answer the questions you originally came with. Some clients find that one session is enough, while others have had subsequent sessions  to go into other lives to gain more understanding of  reoccurring themes. Sometimes things are revealed that are quite unexpected and this can warrant further investigation via future sessions, but this is up to you.



Where will my sessions take place?


Your session will be from a comfortable room in my home in Widnes, in the borough of Halton, Cheshire.





The initial session is approximately 90 - 120 minutes long and this includes your consultation and first journey into past lives  -  £80


Subsequent sessions  (90 min)   -  £60


Payment can be made using cash (paid at the beginning of each session) or you can pay by bank transfer but fees must reach my account at least one hour before the session begins.



If you are interested in making an appointment, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on 07743 186883,  or alternatively use the “Contact me” form on this website and I will respond as soon as I can.



Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.